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Evenfall Woodworks

Bob Zajicek..

For Record Plane enthusiasts David Lynch's excellent page

George's Basement A wealth of info on braces, breast drills and eggbeaters

Tony Seo...Olde Tool Shop (also accomplished musician)

Dowd's Vintage & Antique Tools Garland Texas

JOE'S BUCKET-O-RUST  I just love this guys attitude!

Andrew Lunn saw maker extraordinaire!

Jim Boyett  Extensive list of woodworking and old tools sites

In The Woodshop Derek Cohen Perth Australia's woodworking maven

Traditional Woodworking Tools Internet Magazine -

Randy Roeder- A Millers Falls Homepage

Scott Grandstaff(scott from camp) JUST AMAZING STUFF!!

Stuart Minuskin-Australian Tool Exchange

Tony Murland's Tool Shop  UK

Steve Cooke's Sharpening service

The Toolemera Press-Gary Roberts

Wenzloff & Sons Fine modern saw makers

Boggs Tool and File Sharpening..don't toss it-sharpen it

Ron Brese-Quality Infill planes

Electronic Neanderthal

The Galoots Progress (Tom Price’s absolutely priceless pages on old fools…I mean tools)

The Superior Works - Patrick's Blood & Gore The bible

The Stanley Bench Plane Dating Page how old is that one?

Fine Tool Journal-Clarence Blanchard’s best old tool magazine

Woodjoy tools-Glenn Livingston new tools done the old way-highly recommended

Roger K. Smith Antique Tool Books best around

Stanley by the Numbers

Old Tools List

Stanley Tool Collector John Walters not always up and running

Sandy Moss

The Disstonian Institute

Josh Clarke"s woodworking pages

Brian Welch-excellent resource on Witherby and Buck chisels


Cians Pages

Paul Womack's AKA BugBear

wood net forums

St. James Bay Tool Co.

Rarebears planes

Nordic's page

Stanley Trademarks - Bob Kaune - Antique & Used Tools

Hock Tools Blades for Planes and Hand Woodworking Tools

Live Free or Die Antique Tool Auctions

Dave's Shaves Reproduction Wooden Spokeshaves,

Knight Toolworks - Wooden Planes

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Lee Valley

Woodworking magazine

Woodcentral forum

John's Woodshop

Sawduster Jerry’s Page

Jeff Gorman A Woodwork Notebook

Mid West Tool Collectors Association forums

Kansas City Windsor Tool Works

Brackett Tools

Tools Plus : for all those tailed apprentices..

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