Over the years I have had LOTS of bands play in the shop...99.9% were all free shows with donations for the bands...somehow it always worked out and I hope you always had fun; I know I did...met a lot of nice people & heard a lot of great music.


you know, after close to 30 years of doing this I would have learned that none of you really give a crap...that's just my stupidity....I actually thought that providing a place for bands to play for free was a good thing...and that it would actually make a little difference in life in this sinkhole of a city...guess I've been wrong my whole life...


Additions: December 31 2002...Finally found Brian's webpage of flyers and added a lot of 2002 shows


 no shows this year...didn't have the stage yet



 no shows this year...didn't have the stage yet



 no shows this year...didn't have the stage yet



 no shows this year...didn't have the stage yet



cassette recording do exist...somewhere

 first year for shows...late in the year, around September or October









 1990- first year I had a video camera...most all shows from now on are on either VHS or 8mm or DV

11/10/90- Those Melvins




04/27/91- Dum Dum Boys

05/25/91- Vernon Frasier

06/08/91- Only II   

08/03/91- Faktory

08/17/91- Cathedral

09/06/91- Arson Garden w/ 2nd Story

09/23/91- Crabs

10/19/91- My Dad is Dead w/ Prisonshake

10/25/91- Happy Giant



02/01/92- Old Paint

03/21/92- Blur acoustic set for the Leisure tour

06/27/92- China Pig w/ Hypno Coins

07/21/92- Andrew Leblanc

07/25/92- Forklift w/ Sorry Excuse

10/31/92_ Halloween Show, Andrew LeBlanc, Eric, Nevertheless

11/14/92- Field of Vision




03/02/93- Kevin Ayers from Soft Machine

04/27/93- Caravan of Dreams w/ Avalon Project
07/09/93- Gilli Smyth  from Gong w/ Corynne Rodman
07/10/93- Differents w/ Freakbaby
09/11/93- Daevid Allen from Gong
09/14/93- Richard Sinclair from Caravan





03/29/94- Low w/?

05/23/94- Mother Gong-Gilli from Gong

05/25/94- Pete Bardens from Camel

06/19/94- Outside show Freakbaby, Sanity Assassins, Pyewacket, Differents, Presidential Targets, Billy Villano, Ragged Purcilla,





06/13/95- Low w/ Comet

06/23/95- Apples in Stereo w/ Nevertheless

07/†  /95-† the ropers w/

09/15/95- Janet w/ Farmertan & Nevertheless

11/20/95- Olivia Tremor Control  

 Twink...anyone remember the date?



04/20-21/96- two day extravaganza! w/ Holiday Rain, Piewacket, Pete & Zoie, Explodee,

Glider, Curtain Society, Misslethrush, Experimental Suction, Farmertan, Chris & Mike,

Andrew LeBlanc, Nevertheless, Jupiter Suction

10/?/96- the Loud Family


 Date? Chixdigget w/ Farewoods & Static Press 19...DATE? Local 491 (Brass City Annex)



01/08/97- Sarge w/

02/16/97- The Lilys

03/27/07- GREYLING

06/02/97- Electric Pimps

06/28/97- Bat Minski

08/09/97- Formula X

09/13/97- Atlas W/ Creature Did

09/27/97- Mistle Thrush

11/09/97- MOLECULES

12/18/97- Joe & Shelia w/ Josh


 Leaves Of Lothlorian w/ Computer Cougar &



03/16/98- Jazz June

05/30/98- Beltaine w/ Clocks, S-Process, & Leaves of Lothlorian

06/06/98- Wolfie w/ Circle Cindy

06/17/98- Seagrave w/ Leaves of Lothlorian

07/01/98- Seething Grey w/ Threnoday Ensamble

07/02/98- Hilton Valentine from The Animals

07/12/98- Jazz June w/ 5 Hour Hero & Seagrave

07/19/98- Leaves Of Lothlorian w/ Computer Cougar & Dawnbreed

07/25/98- Anguish W/ Callus

07/29/98- Sarge w/ Bakwash & Joe & Shelia

08/07 98- Woken By Wire Brothers Chuck, Reuben's Accomplice & Makeshift Conquest

08/08/98- Stanley Mchcon w/ Tipping Canoe, Born Dead Icons and Encyclopedia of her traitors

08/14/98- Garrison w/ Halo Box

08/21/98- Circle Cindy cd Release party

09/21/98- 3BMD w/ Bakwash & Circle Cindy

09/27/98- Poignant Plecostomas w/ Martin Early & Joe & Shelia

10/10/98- XMH w/Brandston & Appleseed Cast

11/27/98- River City Rampage w/ Circle Cindy, Endless Mike and Six Ways From Sunday

11/28/98- Bakwash w/ LCD & Poshon


1999- I must have been nutz!...2 & 3 shows a week...this year was a lot of bands on the Deep Elm label, this was also the year when we lost a lot of stock to theft during these shows....some scene-huh?


01/01/99- Mid Iron Blast Shaft w/ The Weigh Down & Woken By Wire

01/31/99- XMH w/ Poetic Pan & Wrong Button

02/20/99- Hat City Iniutive w/ Daybed & f-hole

03/14/99- Camber w/ Cross My Heart & Barstow w/ Seething Grey & Ex-Number Five

04/05/99- LOW w/poetic pan

06/09/99- Planes Mistaken for Stars w/ Movielife

06/10/99- Dira w/ Six Ways Fron Sunday & Ex#5

07/19/99- Wolfie w/ Circle Cindy

07/26/99- Jerome's Dream w/ Suicide Nation & SaETia

08/07/99- LANDING w/Factor 12, Trevor & Dan, and Meisha

08/13/99- Weighdown w/ Anton Boardman & Pressgang

08/16/99- Six Ways Fron Sunday w/ Jerome's Dream, Tipping Canoe, Yaphet Koto & E Hil Vige (?)

08/18/99- Waterpistol w/ 6 ways from Sunday and Kitag

08/23/99- Deacons w/

08/28/99- Bon Logaza w/ Martin Early & Rich Silva

09/29/99- Ty Braxton w/ Aberdeen & Antic

10/05/99- Movielife w/ 6 ways from Sunday

10/22/99- Ty Braxton w/ Double

10/23/99- Bakwash OíHara

10/25/99- Now Sheís Gone w/ The Milwaukee (?)

10/25/99- Brandtson w/ Six Ways From Sunday (?)

10/30/99- Rocky Lawerence

12/04/99- Trevor & Dan w/ Anton Bordman & Weigh Down

12/30/99- Endless Mike w/ Six Ways From Sunday


Satanic Melodies w/ Jeromeís Dream & 33 1/3rd & Dan & TrevorDATE?

Joe Nolan w/ Josh Hatton, Fattrap, Red Sun & Weighdown...DATE?




02/15/00- Ataris w/ Endless Mike

03/04/00- Circle Cindy

03/18/00- Bakwash

03/31/00- LANDING w/Olive Grain

04/03/00- Winterbrief (?)

04/08/00- Cappuccino Jellybeans w/

04/11/00- Planetarium w/Hopewell

04/15/00- Backwash w/ Thumpadingus

04/19/00- LANDING w/Cerberus Shoal

04/26/00- Stalemate w/ Circle Cindy & West Beverly

04/28/00- David Dondero w/ Operation Cliff Clavin & This Bike is a Pipe Bomb

05/17/00- SWITCH w/ Circle Cindy, Jet By Day

06/03/00- Winterbrief w/Mathlete & Mike Pitassi

09/14/00- LANDING w/Mikael Stavostrand, Moljebka Pulse and Brent Guntzeit

10/04/00- Project Lo with Happy Rhodes

10/22/99- Ty Braxton

11/23/01- Karen Kosowski w/ Ronley Teper





01/05/01- SWITCH w/ The Scheme, Barstow, Small Town Hero

05/22/01- Bevis Frond W/Holiday Rain

05/29/01- X-Noise tour Lux Mammoth & Perlonex

05/21/01- Bevis Frond !

07/20/01- Estradasphere w/ Tubring

07/28/01- Winterblanket

08/03/01- SWITCH w/ Just for Today, Trunk Full of Dead Bodies, the Weigh Down, Barstow

11/09/01- Hilton Valentine from The Animals solo acoustic

11/23/01- Ronley Teper & Karen Kosowski

11/24/01- Exit Terra

12/01/01- Hoverall, Waterpistol, Six ways from Sunday, Red Reaction

12/02/01- Robots Don't Die w/ Moment & Barstow





01/05/02- SWITCH w/ The Scheme, The Hate Holiday, Late Night Desperate, Barstow

01/08/02  Creation is Crucifiction, the Kid Eternal, Moment

01/25/02 Books Lie, Light the Fuse & Run, Barstow, Transistor/Transistor


02/08/02- Karen Kosowski

02/22/02- Wind Up Bird, One AM Radio, MaNonTropo and Blue Hour

03/17/02 UP UP/DOWN DOWN, The Scheme, Montcalm, Robots Donít Die


03/24/02- GODíS LEFT HAND

03/26/02- Princeton Reverb Colonials

04/27/02- NEPTUNE w/ Sadaharu, Transistor Transistor


05/05/02 Hot Cross, Emmanuel 7, Montcalm

05/14/02 Off Minor, City of Caterpillar, My First Step Toward Failure

05/24/02 Majority Rule, Found Dead Hanging, TJ Lazer

06/06/02 Advocate, First Aid Kit, Branford Ave

06/14/02- LYS GUILORN with Ken Cormier, Damien Pratt, the Sawtelles and the Battlecats


07/03 02-Neptune

07/13/02-SWITCH w/ Barstow, Fading Fast

08/05/02 Schematic of a Waking Life, Scent of Human History, Latterman

08/09/02 There Were Wires, Moment, First Aid kit


08/26/02 Wind Up Bird, Ten Grand, M. T. Bearington (Matt from Weigh Down)

09/28/02-Radioactive Prostitute


10/12/02- First Aid Kit w/ Superstitions of the Sky & Sometimes She Burns

11/17/02-DR DARK

11/18/02- Chelsea Genzano w/ Karen Kosowski

11/09/02-Jargon Society reunion with Damien Pratt, Ken Cormier, Ham Steak, the New†††††† Harmful, Pazza Regazza, the Sawtelles and Una Pong

11/29/02 Scent of Human History, Falls Under Aoril, Dr. Hooligan

12/26/02 Breed Extinction, Latterman, One AM Radio, Back And Forth of Courage






01/04/03- Ampere w/ Donna & Carly & Barstow

05/24/03- Bludrum Mass

08/24/03- Lys Guilorn with God's Left Hand and Happy Kreter





03/20/04- SWITCH w/M.T. Bearington and the Short Pants Romance





10/09/05- Say Hi to Your Mom







03/25/06- DOOT

12/10/06- Bad Lieutenants w/ The Deacons and Palance

12/16/06-Fighting Cocks




















04/10/10- Bobbie Peru w/ Slim Francis